Historical Fresco
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Cultural Collection

The cultural collection presented in this section of the site consists of just over 2,000 negatives or other digitized iconographic documents taken from a collection, which belonged to the Studio Laporte. The company, which ceased operations in 2002, was the oldest and most important company in the field of photography having done business in northwestern New Brunswick. The complete collection was purchased in February 2005 from Studio Digiphoto by the Société historique du Madawaska. It was made available to the project "Unravelling the Fresco" without charge. The collection consists of over 100 000 negatives or other iconographic documents. Most of the items from the Studio Laporte Collection are individuals photographed in a specific and private framework of life (marriage, graduation, family photo, etc.).

Negatives or other documents that make up the iconographic collection included on this site have been chosen mostly from the commercial section of the Studio Laporte Collection. However, some items included in the site are taken from another part of the Collection to provide elements deemed necessary to the different needs of the project and to give an idea of the content of the latter. For the benefit of the target audience of this site, the choice of items was made based on their historical and cultural heritage interest, particularly in connection with the topics covered in Mr. Claude Picard‘s historical fresco (presented in another section of the site). They were subsequently digitized, inserted into the site, classified by theme and documented in French and English.

You can access the themes of the collection included on the Web site using the menu on the left. The display of each theme allows the viewing of each individual digitized document as well as explanations and details that accompany it. Clicking on a photo that appears in the center of the top banner will give access to the same image in enlarged mode. In addition, Internet users can change the object being viewed by clicking on the items (pictures) located below the top banner or on the arrow at the right or at the left. It is also possible to navigate from one roll of photographs to another or to go to the first or last roll by using the arrows located next to “Roll x of xx”, under the roll of photographs.

Please note that the visual aspect of the images is not always perfect. Some iconographic documents show signs of deterioration.

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