Historical Fresco
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Promotional Tools

Promotional tools have been developed for the Web site “Unravelling the Fresco”. We present an electronic version of those that may be of interest to you:

Logo description: The parallel lines in vivid colours express the sociological and cultural aspects of life in the lands and forests of Acadia. They represent the times and illustrate the different aspects of history. Linked to the Website, the logo suggests interactive digital objects and multimedia. Finally, the youthful execution of the logo shows the artistic side of the project and the opportunity for youth to express themselves via the Internet.

Promotional activities

Here is a list of major activities undertaken to promote the Web site "Unravelling the Fresco":

  • Summer 2009 - Presentation of the project and the Website and passing out of brochures and bookmarks at the Foire Brayonne in Edmundston and during the World Acadian Congress in the Acadian Peninsula.
  • September 1st, 2009 - Presentation of the Website during New Brunswick Francophone teacher professional development days (one session in St-Quentin and another in Edmundston).
  • September 28, 2009 – Web site launched at a press conference in the library at Cité des Jeunes A.-M.-Sormany High School in Edmundston.
  • September 2009 – Sending of promotional tools to various stakeholders and key institutions (schools, libraries, bookstores, museums, organizations, etc.).
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