Historical Fresco
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Artistic and Historical Vignettes

This section of the site aims to extend the reach of Claude Picard’s original historical vignette presented in another section of the site. Here, artistic and historical vignettes (Internet pages, songs, video clips, etc.) created by pupils in the elementary grades of School District 3 in Northwest New Brunswick are made available to users.

This component of the project called “Unravelling the Fresco” makes it possible to update the original fresco by covering the post -1985 period and, also, to treat other sets of themes or specific subjects having less coverage in the original fresco.

To sum up, it is as if this younger generation developed its personal historical fresco of Madawaska. Among other things, in an interactive way and while using multimedia tools, they took full advantage of the original fresco created by Mr. Claude Picard, as well as the other resources offered by the project including Studio Laporte’s collection of photographs. As a result, they developed their own personal vision of the history of their corner of the country.

The engaging aspect of this approach in “Unravelling the Fresco” consisted, therefore, in placing local history in the hands of the young people of the area. The site was made available to them so that they could explore certain facets of this history and come to re-establish a personal sense to it, more than 200 years after the arrival of the first colonists in 1785.

Each historical and artistic vignette can be consulted by using the menu on the left. The young people’s hard work is posted on the upper banner. A variety of information relating to each vignette is presented in the center of the Web pages.

In order to view the vignettes which are in a video format, you need Windows Media Player for some of them and QuickTime player for others. Free versions of these softwares are respectively available at the Microsoft and Apple Web sites.

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